Fred Klonsky


Bernie was only partly right when he told Betsy DeVos that she wouldn’t be sitting before him in hearings considering her as Secretary of Education if she hadn’t donated $200 million to the Republican Party.

She is a right-wing self-proclaimed enemy of public education. She has spent her family’s money to harass public school union activists like me.

But if it wasn’t her, Trump would have found somebody else just as bad.

Eva Moskowitz was on the short list.

Her testimony should have been an embarrassment to any normal administration. For Trump and the GOP, nothing qualifies as an embarrassment.

Not even the idea of Grizzly bears in the classroom.

She is a stupid entitled woman who knows nothing about education, teaching and learning. And yet the truth is that she has been influencing education policy for years even as most Americans have never heard of her before her nomination as…

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